It's time to do way more,
with way less.

The Importance of the Result

The results are what matter. By expanding the available HR and payroll functionalities for your clients with Apex’s cloud-based software, time is used more efficiently. In today’s world, time is money. The result is growing business and profitability, for you and your customers.

Simple and Powerful

A fully integrated and seamless solution to timekeeping and payroll is possible. Apex’s payroll software not only improves the ease of timekeeping, it encompasses a multitude of HR features and functionalities. Increased productivity, accuracy and reliability are possible with Apex.

Your Clients Can Run Payroll from Anywhere

Give your clients the freedom to leave their desks. Our cloud-based solutions permit access from anywhere, allowing users to preview payroll results, avoid errors, print checks and reports from wherever, or have you print and deliver to their office. Our vast product line eliminates old-fashioned business models and practices so that whether at a conference or away on a family vacation, your clients have unmatched opportunities to manage their payroll.

Eliminate your IT Footprint

Our cloud-based software frees you to stop focusing on dealing with your hardware, and allows you to start focusing on your customers and growing your business. From back of the house systems to check printing, doing business the outdated way is burdensome and expensive. Growing your business means not allocating valuable resources to nonrevenue generating tasks. Apex’s customers have jettisoned this old-fashioned business model. No longer do they deal with expensive and sophisticated hardware infrastructures, maintenance and software updates. Let Apex do all the heavy lifting; all you need is a computer, internet access and a printer.

Training and Support

At Apex, we want to ensure your experience is a great one, which is why our training provides you with a solid understanding of our product. Our support team is here to assist you every step of the way with live customer service from knowledgeable and experienced professionals. In addition, our team and support staff are available to provide timely assistance, as well as our forums, training webinars, online help files, video tutorials and annual conferences.

Security is Key

At Apex Payroll, your information is secure in a number of ways. First, our hardware and data is located in an SSAE 16 audited facility. We use state-of-the-art systems, such as a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, to make sure your sensitive data remains private. Additionally, your data is backed up with primary and secondary datacenters in case of disaster recovery scenarios. We also provide role-based security including customizable and granular levels of access down to the unique user.

What are you waiting for?
It is time to do more for your business.

Most of all, we are innovative by always offering new opportunities for our clients to grow.