Want a state of the art, innovative software solution that's on the cloud? And, is ridiculously cool?

We've got you covered.

Optimizing workflows and improving customer service? It’s a win-win.

Service Bureau Payroll

Employer OnDemand is Apex’s cloud-based system specially designed for a payroll service bureau’s high-volume processing needs. Delivering a variety of features for optimizing and streamlining workflows, improving customer service, and increasing revenue, this technology allows comprehensive and quick functionality.

A “comprehensive solution” that is actually comprehensive.

Business Intelligence Suite

Payroll operations are more manageable than ever with Apex’s Business Intelligence Suite. Integrate imperative tasks, events, metrics, operational CRM, calendars, and scorecards into the comprehensive dashboard, while eliminating the need to organize data in a separate system.

Do more with less resources.

Auto Client Communications

Apex’s client communication and automation tools allow you to do more with less. Clients can receive notices to remind them payroll is due, when payroll is completed with a shipping tracking number, and when a new employee is added. The system will even automatically process payroll if needed, and offer auto email reports and exports.

Who says handling your payroll has to be difficult?

Employer on the GO

Wherever you are, whenever you need, Employer on the GO gives your clients the option of taking control of their payroll. Easy to use, and in real-time, this cloud-based payroll and workforce management tool provides customers everything they need for completing payroll, time tracking, HR needs and employee onboarding.

Communication goes both ways. Give your employees a voice.

My Employer on the GO

Apex’s comprehensive online employee portal, My Employer on the GO, allows your clients to improve efficiency, engage employees, enhance communication, and streamline HR processes. With a full range of interactive tools in a single platform, HR related tasks such as timekeeping, benefit statements and reviews can all be easily managed.

Employee scheduling has never been so simple.

Schedule on the GO

Manage employee schedules instantly, accurately, and from anywhere with Schedule on the GO. This simple and affordable solution allows schedules to be created, changed, and communicated in seconds, 24-hours a day; therefore, cutting down scheduling time by over 75 percent.

We do Human Resources too. Yes, you read that right.

Human Resources

Apex’s HR technology is more than simple payroll software. It is adaptable, easy and efficient. Better manage HR related tasks and productivity by having your company portal, calendar, employee tasks, time cards, benefit statements, documents and more all in one place. Our solution is comprehensive, offering true workforce management.

There is a place for everything, and you can access it anywhere.

Document File Storage

Scan, store, view and update all of your important customer and employee documents with Apex’s Document File Storage System. Choose who has access to your files, including policies, new hire documents, handbooks, notices and more in a variety of file types from Word to JPEGs. This secure and fast system gives you the power to control who has access to your files by customizing user access, and lets you add new hires in the field quickly by organizing their paperwork.

Giving you the power to make the best decisions.

ACA OnDemand

Educate and keep up to date on the complexities of the Affordable Care Act with Apex’s ACA OnDemand. ACA OnDemand allows for documentation of an employer’s decisions, tracking of those decisions on a monthly basis, and annual IRS reporting so that clients can make the best decisions for their business. By having ACA compliance documents at their fingertips, your clients can document an ACA strategy, track employee hours, and create the documentation necessary to avoid costly penalties.

Help your client’s find the best candidates with our Applicant Tracking System.

Hire On The GO

Revitalize the way your payroll clients staff their business. With Hire On The Go, posting jobs online, accepting resumes, managing applicants, and sorting through candidates becomes outrageously easy. This recruiting technology automates, improves, and streamlines every aspect of the hiring process, leading to successful new hires.

Spend less time on new hires and more time on business.

Employee Onboarding

Welcome new hires, eliminate manual processes and fully manage the collection of employee information with Apex’s Employee Onboarding. Now new employees are informed and ready for the job on day one, with paperwork, forms and information completed and delivered.

A solution that is simple, yet powerful.

Timekeeping and Workforce Management

Integrated and seamless, Apex’s time and attendance solutions allow customers to have their employees clock in using a mobile device, tablet, computer, key fob, proximity card, fingerprint or swipe card. By offering an online time clock, comprehensive reporting, attendance calendars and more on internet and Wi-Fi enabled devices, our system improves productivity and reliability of your customer’s payroll process.