We don't use "today's technology."
We create tomorrows.

Using Tomorrow’s Technology,

We may be a cloud-based, technologically advanced company, but our driving force is people. It is about creative minds making original solutions for small and large organizations. It is also about having a live and knowledgeable support team for our clients. Our team recognizes that our product changes the lives of everyone who uses it. From the small business owner who wants to take a weekend vacation with his family, to the employee who really needs his paycheck on time. Doing what we do and doing it right is important.

Payroll based on
People, not Procedures

Apex may offer payroll-based products, but we consider ourselves more people-based. Inside of our office, our technology is created by innovative thinkers who are always one step ahead in their ideas. Our solutions are creative, because they have to be in order to truly work for our clients.

We are the last solution you will ever need because we simply work. We work not only because our system is developed well on the technology side, but because it is designed for the personal side. Our job is to save you time, money and headaches so that you can spend more time growing your business, rather than only operating it.

True Innovation is the
Introduction of New Ideas.

It is innovation like this that is the backbone of Apex Payroll today. We offered a cloud-based product before most providers knew what the cloud was. We were also one of the first payroll companies to deliver a mobile application to our customers, and we are still one of the only payroll technology companies consistently rolling out new products, services, features, functionalities and integrations. With innovation like this, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

We Thrive on Ideas.

Apex Payroll is more than just keeping pace with the industry. We are discovering and creating improvements in technology that are changing the landscape of the entire payroll industry. We look at what our clients need and address those needs in everything we roll out. Our customers wanted a scalable product and we gave them a solution that will grow along with their business. We wanted to protect your data, so we created an infrastructure that is secure and protected. Clients want to work from home, travel and attend meetings without worrying about their payroll. We produced a mobile application so that payroll can be managed anywhere. At Apex Payroll, it is about ideas.